Send your message of support to the Luxleaks whistleblowers

In 2014, the Luxleaks whistle-blowers helped expose how over 340 big companies, including global brands, secured secret deals from Luxembourg which allowed many of them to slash their tax bills. This global scandal created a media furore, and tax dodging continues to make headlines across the world. The three LuxLeaks defendants - one journalist and two whistleblowers - are facing jail terms. On the 12th December they will have a re-trial. This is our chance to show the whistleblowers that the world stands with them, as they are putting their freedom on their line.

Their actions have helped expose how big companies are getting away with dodging millions in taxes while ordinary people foot the bill, all while governments world-wide lack funding to finance critical public services. 

You can help show your support by sending a message of solidarity. Please post on facebook and twitter using #taxjusticeheroes


Post on facebook and twitter using #taxjusticeheroes